With weddings and events getting more & more unique each season, setting the scene for you clients has never been more important.

Whether it’s a free standing venue, ballroom in a hotel or catering hall, here are a few things to remember when designing your versatile event space:

1.Neutral Flooring

Keeping the tones in the floor neutral makes the room easier to maintain for cleaning and allows the decor of the event to be the main focus as opposed to a bright, busy carpet.


2. Spacious Foyer

Create an area where guests can conveniently wait before the event begins. Fill the foyer with comfortable seating and lots of light for a big impact.

3. Bold Lighting 

Recessed lighting in a ballroom/ catering hall is great for set up and staff needs, but in order to make a statement incorporate a larger lighting piece as the focal point of the room. When designing the room, pick a chandelier that is sized appropriately for the space and can be adjusted if needed.

4. Room Dividers

If the space is large, consider installing room dividers to accommodate multiple or smaller parties at the same time. This not only optimizes space, but can also serve as a great addition to the design.



image credit: google.com