Healthcare Textile

Every day the textile industry changes in the world of design. Styles change, materials change, new products emerge, and it’s our job at Design Alternatives to help keep you and your facility as up to date and informed as possible. Here are just a few samples of the products we use:

Greenshield: This is a finish that can be added to a fabric and is said to last the life of the actual material. It is a nanotechnology that creates moisture and stain resistance with the use of nanoparticles that attach itself to the fabric.

Nano-Tex: This is a finish that can be chemically bonded to a fabric and will create permanent
spill and stain resistance. It can also be combined with Dura-Block to make a liquid barrier on the backs of fabrics or BioAM to make a fabric antimicrobial.

Dura-Block: This product is added to a fabric to enhance the abrasion resistance by 50%.It is 100% recyclable and contains no VOC’s, formaldehyde, or perfluorooctanoic acid. The only down side so far with this compound is that it should only be spot cleaned due to the backing which can’t be laundered.

BioAM: This product is a non‐leaching antimicrobial treatment for Nano-Tex that reduces odors and stain through an electronic charge. It is tested up to 50 health grade washings, durable through the life of the product, contains no heavy metals
such as tin or silver, and will not affect the recyclability of the fabric.

EnviroCoat: This is used to replace Acrylic and Latex backings and is 100% Polyester. Despite being laminated onto the back of a fabric, it is still breathable and will repel liquids and stains while also improving the abrasion resistance and the seam strength of the fabric.

Crypton: Possibly our most widely used and popular product, Crypton is a moisture barrier that permanently alters the fibers of the product to help resist most oil-based and water based stains, spills, and even dry soil. It’s Low in VOC’s, perfluorooctanoic acid free, contains UV protectants, and an anti-static additive that helps repel damaging airborne dust and dirt particles.

InCase: This is part of the Crypton family of products that alters the molecule make-up of fabric to increase surface tension and does not require stain or microbial-resistant treatment due to the silver Ion microbial protection woven into the fabrics, which already resists both oil and water based stains. This is best used as cubicle curtains, panel fabrics, and bedding, but it can be used on almost any fabric.