Marrying beauty, elegance and function with people’s connectivity to the physical space has always been our guiding vision…

As designers, we aim to create spaces that are warm, comfortable, and functional which draw people in, harness their senses in dynamic ways, and push beyond prevailing thinking of what it means to interact with the material world.

In our new reality, social distancing can prove to be a challenge for employers and facilities. However, the need to distance socially should not preclude connectivity and beauty. Design Alternatives can offer several products that would keep your staff and clients safe while still providing a nice aesthetic. From floor signage and disinfection stations to thermographic cameras to screens and partitions, we can help get your place of business up and running in a safe and effective manner.

In addition to being functional and pretty, the screen, divider and partitioning solutions achieve privacy without seclusion and are versatile, adaptable and configurable. They are easy to clean and sanitize and relevant for hospitality, healthcare, retail, institutional, educational and residential environments. They divide spaces and create privacy, while at the same time, maintain a delightfully connected whole by extending, distributing and maximizing ambient and daytime light.

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