Thank you to all the heroes of this pandemic we are so grateful. We recognize the sacrifice you make daily to fight this virus and we’re so appreciative!

During these unprecedented times, we, like many others, were furloughed due to government mandates. However, many of our clients are considered essential workers and they have been working around the clock to guide, assist and care for their residents. As a gesture of gratitude during this pandemic, to those SpringPoint Senior Living employees, we wanted to honor and recognize those who are doing and giving so much during these difficult times.

Therefore, as a company, we decided to do something that would be meaningful for the employees but also something they needed (or wanted). We prepared individual goodie bags filled with sweet, savory and healthy snacks. We also included treats for our furry friends because we all need a little love during these times. Our message was simple in its words but deep and heartfelt in meaning, “Your Dedication Inspires Us! Thank you, from the team at Design Alternatives.

Boxes filled with these bags were delivered to each facility…a small gesture that went a LONG way!