Article By: Stephanie Barbarino 3/9/2017

Remember when wallpaper & paneling were the worst things you could have on your walls? The old trends died out back in the early 2000’s, but they are back with a vengeance.

Not only is wall paper resurfacing, but walls are now being covered by materials no one would ever have thought of using in designs. Adding textured elements to walls is making a huge impact in both residential and commercial design.

Here’s what all the rave is right now:

1. Textured Wallpaper: 

     Wallpaper is no longer something to be afraid of. A textured paper brings  added depth to the design, especially when there is limited space. For bolder patterns, keep the wallpaper to only one wall. This will help create a focal point while making sure the pattern or texture is not overbearing or too busy for the space.



Gone are the days where people dreaded having wood on their walls. Although Wainscoting has been popular for the past decade in design, feature walls covered in wood have only recently been desirable. Bringing the outside in, shiplap gives a natural, historic, yet modern feature to a space. The coloring and age of the shiplap will set the mood for an entire design.

3.Chalkboard Paint 

This fun element is being used in homes & restaurants all over the country. Having a chalkboard painted wall is a great way to add character to a space for a playful yet sophisticated look. For restaurants, this option is used to save space while advertising for the customers.

4.Wall Tiles

If you’re looking to create a unique space, implementing wall tiles into your design is an excellent option. The texture and finish of the tile can range from vintage to super sleek and modern. While starting to get more common in homes, this is a go to look for lobbies in both apartment buildings and commercial buildings. The tile adds  warmth to the space which makes it more clean and inviting to the residents and workers.

5. Wood Veneer 

Similar to wall tiles, wood veneer gives a sleeker look to a space with added elements of depth in each piece. Not all wood veneer looks like wood, either. Using patterns such as Sunburst will take a plain wall and evolve it into a piece of artwork.

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