Today’s coolest floor trends are some most people would never think of. In design, you can use all different materials to make a space more interesting, and the floor is your biggest canvas.

Flooring can be the most impactful element of a space if you choose to take a bold design risk.

Here are some of the coolest flooring trends right now: 


 Although glueing money to the floor may not sound appealing to many, the beautiful, vintage look a penny covered floor brings to a space is unique and is very durable.

Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, the penny floor not only adds a pop of color, but will make your floor the center of conversation.

2.Broken Mirror 

Trust us, it’s not as dangerous as it sounds. Similar to how the penny floor is laid, mirrored floors are are completely safe after sealing with polyurethane. This modern look is popping up in large closets and contemporary stores across the country.

Although heavily a trend, this floor will spark curiosity for years to come.




Concrete flooring is most common in industrial design themes, but it’s making its way into residential designs this season. The clean, modern look can be found from counter tops to floors, in multiple colors and finishes. Depending on how you choose to stain your concrete, it can either give a space a more industrial, unfinished looked or a very rich, vintage feel.

Although it may not be the best surface to walk on for hours at a time, a few area rugs added to soften the space will do the trick. In addition to being very cost effective, concrete floor is easy to maintain.


4.Mixed Flooring

Consider mixing different flooring in the same space. Many designers are going for a single flooring look throughout a space to make the area look larger and more fluid, but done correctly, multiple floorings can be the center of a space.

Try blending tile into wood in a kitchen area. The design can be unique to the clients’ taste and can actually make some of the spaces appear larger.